Workplacement FAQs

Can I start a workplacement without a contract?

Under no circumstances can you start a workplacement without completing a contract becauseyou will not be covered by insurance.

What if I'm sick?

Workplacement is like any other job. If you are sick ring your employer as well as the College as soon as possible, i.e. on the morning of the absence.

Will I have to make up time I am absent from my workplacement?

If you have a genuine reason supported with a note and you complete your required hours you will not have to make up time missed. If you can’t justify your absence or you don’t complete your hours you will have to make up these hours in your own time, usually during the holidays.

What happens if I don't get my diary completed by my workplacement supervisor?

Getting your workplacement hours entered in your diary is a record of College attendance. If your diary remains incomplete after 2 weeks it is likely you will be asked to attend an afternoon detention. Getting your diary signed is an integral component of communication between the workplace and the College. Failure to provide this evidence of workplace hours could lead to a Non-Completion award for a VET subject. An ‘N’ award warning letter will be issued in this instance.

Can I do paid work during workplacement blocks?

On some occasions when workplacement blocks occur during the holidays you can apply to do paid work. You will be required to do a minimum of 30 hours per week and the work must be a relevant subject area. Students must complete all of the relevant permission forms which can be obtained from the Workplacement Coordinator.

Can I use time spent at workplacement in my resume?

Yes, workplacement will be a valuable addition to your resume. At the end of each placement make sure you get your employer to complete an appraisal form and return it to the College. These appraisal forms are an excellent way to start compiling your resume.

What if I have problems organising my workplacement or during my workplacement?

If you have any workplacement related problems, see your IBL Teacher. Alternatively, your subject teacher, the Workplacement Coordinator or one of the PC coordinators will also be able to offer advice and assistance. Don’t be afraid to contact one of these people as soon as problems arise so they can be resolved early.

What if I have a construction placement and the job site is washed out?

When you are working in the building industry rain and irregular work is a fact of life. If your employer rings you to let you know that the site is washed out or there is a delay in work you must contact the College and alternative arrangements will be made. If this happens more than once let your IBL Teacher know and another workplacement may need to be organised.

Can I get leave from workplacement during blocks?

Students are given the calendar for workplacement at the beginning of the year. The expectation is that any family arrangements for holidays should be made outside of workplacement block periods. If this is not possible you can apply for leave from workplacement to the Principal at least 2 weeks in advance. If this is granted you will be required to make this time up.