Why Newman

Why become one of more than 300 students who choose a Newman HSC every year? Simple, we bring out your best!

Learning through experience.

40 years of experience has taught us a lot, most importantly Vocational Education cannot work as an “add on” to a school.  We have a unique winning formula, that no other school in the region has.  Newman has been built on decades of being recognised as a National leader in Vocational Education.

Key ingredient for success.

Our College runs a Workplace Learning  Program that is unrivalled in its depth and breadth. Students experience an HSC like no other because Newman builds its timetabling of instruction around on-the-job learning to maximise student opportunities and skill development.

More options.

Newman is the only school to offer students the opportunity to undertake beauty courses, as subsidied delivery.

Five star teaching quality.

Every trade faculty has a fully qualified and experienced tradesperson or professional in their industry ensuring students gain authentic training.

Strong Community Partnerships.

We have built up strong partnerships within our community with employers and other educational institutions which helps us to provide you with a better future. Did you know that over 95% of students who graduated from the College in 2012 ended up with one of our partners either with a fulltime apprenticeship, traineeship, full time work, at University study or other further study.

Newman has its focus on your future.

Our focus is on where you want to be when you finish your HSC. Our Career Development team work very hard to ensure that your experiences at the College steer you towards your future. It’s not about just getting a HSC, it’s about getting yourself ahead and kick starting your future.

We mean business.

Newman’s industry standard facilities have won numerous awards and are recognised as some of the best in Australia. In addition to our specilaised information technology labs, trade workshops, simulated retail and children’s services environments we also have a floating classroom, a nursing ward, fully fitted out automotive workshop and a commercial kitchen, just to mention a few.

Our experience is a National experience.

The opportunities that Newman provides is linked in through National Qualifications with training that reflects best practice in Vocational Education across Australia.

We’re progressive.

Newman staff have implemented a Contemporary Learning Framework which provides a focus on teaching and learning and is designed to ensure that we are modelling best practise in Education and Training delivery.

We’re serious about VET.

Newman delivers the highest number of VET (Vocational Education Training) student courses on site, of any school in NSW. Need we say more.