Students must maintain their attendance. Failure to do so, without adequate explanation, may result in a review of enrolment.

  • Students are required to ring the College by 9.30 am on the day of their absence.
  • Absence due to sickness for 3 days or more must be accompanied by a medical certificate.
  • Part-absences must be discussed with the PC teacher.
  • Any special leave should be applied for in advance.
  • An absence from School-based Apprenticeship, Traineeship or training / Workplacement must be communicated to the College AND to the employer by telephone by 9.30 am.
  • All absences must be verified by a parent/guardian note. This includes part-absences.

These procedures are designed to reflect workplace practice and promote a more conscientious approach to College study.

Medical appointments should, wherever possible, be organised outside school hours.

Failure to adequately account for student absence will result in an ‘unexplained absence’ entry being recorded in the College Roll. Youth Allowance entitlements will be reduced after five unexplained absences (a part-absence represents one half-day). Also the College reports will record any unexplained absences.

Permission to leave the College grounds must be supported with a note from a parent or guardian. There should be a good reason for such a request and requests should be infrequent.

What should I do and when?

Late to School

Report to the Front Office. Your time of arrival will be recorded and you will be given a Late Slip to give to your Class Teacher. If you are more than a few minutes late you should bring a note.

Leaving School early

You are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without written permission from your parents/guardian explaining the reason and expected length of absence. You must present this note to your Pastoral Care Teacher to sign, your Pastoral Care Teacher will return the note to you. At the start of the lesson from which you will be leaving, you must show the note to the teacher and on leaving, you must show the note at the front office, where your time of leaving will be recorded and you will be given a Leave Slip. If you return later in the day you must report to the front office where your time of return will be recorded and you will be given a Return Slip to show your class teacher.

Feeling Sick

Advise  your class teacher and then report to the Front Office.

I have concerns at School

This school has a number of support services to assist all students. Some of them are:

  • Student Representative Council
  • Pastoral Coordinators
  • Assistant Principal or Principal
  • Class Teachers
  • School Counsellor
  • Student Services Manager

If I have concerns about my subjects

  • Speak with the course teacher
  • Make an appointment with the Leader of Curriculum to discuss your options