DESIGN that’s smart!

Our uniform has been created in consultation with local trade and service industries. It incorporates Workplace Health and Safety requirements as well as a professional dress for the business or trade workplace.

All of the uniform items (including trade) are available through:

St Agnes’ Uniform Store
Next door to St Agnes’ Primary School
Boronia Street, Port Macquarie
Phone: 02 6584 1076    Web: www.saus.org.au


Boys Uniform

  • College knee length shorts or pants bearing the College’s initials on the waist band
  • College black polo shirt
  • College jacket
  • Covered polishable black shoes & white or black socks
  • College Caps or hat – black only

Girls Uniform

  • Knee length black skirt, black pants, black knee length shorts (all must be purchased through Joprim bearing NSTC initials on the waist band).
  • College polo shirt
  • College blouse
  • College jacket
  • Covered polishable black shoes and white or black socks.
  • Caps – plain black or navy colours only


Hospitality Uniform

The following items are essential for Hospitality students

  • Chef Jacket
  • Chef pants
  • White half apron
  • Cap
  • Enclosed leather shoes

Trade uniform

The following items are essential for Trade students

  • College trade shirt, navy cotton drill (compulsory for Automotive and Metal & Engineering)
  • College long sleeve trade shirt, high visibility (compulsory for Construction & Electrotechnology)
  • Furniture Making students may wear either the College trade shirt, navy cotton drill or the College long sleeve trade shirt, high visibility.
  • Leather work boots
  • A Safety Pack is essential for all Trade students, including safety glasses, hearing protection and dust mask. Cost is approximately $20. This is available from the College or local suppliers
  • The College provides specialist personal protective equipment including: welding gloves/masks and all other safety equipment required for workshop use.

Dress for Out of Uniform Days

Parents and students are reminded that all clothing worn on these days must be appropriate.

If a student arrives at school on one of these days in clothing deemed to be inappropriate, parents may be contacted and asked to collect the students in order to rectify the matter. It is inappropriate for brief and revealing clothing to be worn to school. This includes low-cut, strapless, backless or midriff tops, miniskirts and brief shorts. Students are also asked to consider the appropriateness of all writing and graphics on T-shirts. Due to Workplace Health & Safety regulations, thongs and other similar footwear may not be worn. All students must wear either joggers or some other kind of enclosed footwear