Keep in touch with your friends and loved ones

Research shows that people who spend time with their family, friends and colleagues have increased wellbeing.

Last week I had the difficult task of explaining the Australia Post system to one of my kids. He was telling me how much he missed his cousin, so I suggested writing him a letter and we could post it. Questions like: What is a stamp for? Why does it take so long? And wouldn’t it be easier to just FaceTime him? All contributed to the conversation. In the end, he got sick of listening to talk about such old school things and went on his Xbox!!

It got me thinking though about how nice it used to be when a letter from a friend or family member arrived in the post. It is easy to assume that we are better connected these days with all our communication options, but I don’t think we really are. Receiving a personal letter in the mail always made my day.

This week’s tip suggests that spending time with other people increases wellbeing. Making the time to chat, catch up and really listen can boost our mental health and feelings of connectedness. Easier to do when you are surrounded by family and friends, but when they are not nearby it can easy to let these relationships slip. So this week, spend time with those nearby, family, friends and colleagues, but think about writing an old fashioned letter and posting it to a person you don’t get to see very often. It will make their day.