Value Yourself and Others

Spend time to reflect what you have done well, show your appreciation and take pride in any compliments you may receive.

This week your path to wellbeing requires you to do something most people find very difficult…accepting a compliment. It seems to be in our nature to fend off compliments and not take them in the spirit they are given. Throughout the week try to say thank you for any compliments you receive rather than making excuses or downplaying it. A great way to practise receiving compliments is to give them out. Show your appreciation to someone else and allow them to receive the praise you are offering. It is always lovely to see the lift it can provide to a person by simply acknowledging them.

If you are interested, I can recommend watching a Ted Talk called “Want to be happy? Be grateful”. It goes for about 15 minutes and is an inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you are going and above all, being grateful. What to be happy? Be grateful Ted Talk Link