Learn New Skills

Achieving a goal you’ve set yourself can help increase your confidence and help you feel more optimistic about our future.

Sometimes learning a new skill can seem a pipe dream – I will learn Italian (so I can move to Italy), I will learn how renovate that bathroom (so I don’t have to live with pink tiles any longer), I will learn how to restore that car (because it is the only way a vintage vehicle will be mine), I will work out the cords on the back of the TV (so I don’t have to ask for help again). I find it comes down to time, energy, expertise and expense, all acceptable and realistic reasons to not learn a particular skill.

But just think about a time when you did learn a new skill. It is so exciting and being able to pass that skill onto others is even more rewarding.

If you have been thinking about learning something new, set yourself a goal, a realistic and achievable goal…….break it into small chunks and make a plan so it will happen. Learning a new skill can help to increase your confidence and help you to feel more optimistic about the future. Why not?

Normally I would not suggest a random website but the following page offers some great suggestions and support on how to learn new skills.

Go to https://www.developgoodhabits.com/new-skills-to-learn/