Bachelor’s degrees are a popular option among young students, but new data claims university might not be the best option for those seeking happiness and wealth in the early years of employment.

ABC News reporter Gemma Ferguson has reported that those who have completed an apprenticeship or traineeship are happier than those who went to university, according to recent studies. 

Almost 3,000 young people were surveyed as part of the Australian Industry (Ai) Group’s research into the “real trajectories and early career pathways” of 25-year-olds. One of the key findings in Ai Group’s report was the benefit of “learning in a real-world setting”, with almost all apprentices/trainees reporting full employment by 25. These studies suggest we need a more flexible education and training system that allows young people to acquire knowledge, skills and capabilities throughout their time ‘learning’ and to continue while they are ‘earning and learning’ Ai Group said.

Newman College has long understood this need and is proud to be able to provide students in the Port Macquarie region the platform to study Vocational Education and Training (VET) as part of their Higher School Certificate. Newman students also have the opportunity to gain School-based Trainee and Apprenticeships, where students can earn while they learn, during their HSC course. This flexible education model allows students to gain job-ready, aligned skills and the potential to experience higher employability rates, career advancement and job satisfaction. All this from VET courses and learning in the workplace informing them about the specific occupations or trades before they’ve even left school. #hsclikenoother

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