Develop skills you can utilise in the Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation industry whilst achieving your own individual health and fitness goals.


Sport Lifestyle & Recreation (General)

Sport Lifestyle & Recreation (Rugby League)

Course Hours240hrs

Unit Value2 Unit Prelim, 2 Unit HSC


This course enables students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the role of sport, a healthy lifestyle and recreation in everyday life. This course would be of particular value to students who would like to further their interest in pursuing the expanding labour market opportunities in the fields of health, sport, recreation and fitness.

Students will be given the choice of studying one of two options of Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation.


OPTION 1 – Sport Lifestyle & Recreation (General)

Option 1 explores health and fitness, sport and recreation by studying modules on a range of topics related to this area. There are also opportunities for students to select specific sports and areas of interest as a focus in some areas of work.


OPTION 2 – Sport Lifestyle & Recreation (Rugby League)

Option 2 will allow students to study similar modules to Option 1 with a specific focus on rugby league. In this option the modules are studied through the game of rugby league covering everything from the administration, planning and officiating to playing, training and coaching of the game. Students studying this option will also have the opportunity to gain a Level One Coaching Certificate, League Safe Qualification and Referee’s Certificate. It is suggested that students choosing this option intend to represent the College in rugby league.



May Include:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym Instructor
  • Sport and Recreation Centre Retail or Administration Assistant
  • Sports Administrator
  • Sports Coach
  • Sports Commentator
  • Sports Development Manager
  • Sports Development Officer