To say it’s been busy upstairs is probably an understatement. 

The Pathways & Careers Team, determined to provide students, families, employers and staff with innovative, relevant and professional services that help to deliver positive outcomes for all, have two major developments to announce:

THE NEWMAN STUDENT JOB BOARD is now up and running!

You can visit it directly via the link: Job Board or just google it! The Student Job Board is located on the College website and makes it easy for students and parents to see what’s available for students in our area and abroad.

This is where you can find all the latest jobs that come directly and exclusively to our College as well as advertised jobs that we think are relevant to Newman students. 

But wait there’s more:

If you look closely you’ll notice the new Careers Office name – nicely branded in the circle next to the Newman Logo…


With the ever changing needs of students and the services provided by the team upstairs we felt the current naming did not reflect what the Team does and stands for.

The team wanted to create an identity for this service area that was all encompassing of what is offered, is easily referred to and recogniseable by all stakeholders. The Future Pathways and Career Development Team located upstairs in the Careers Office and Learning Centre was trialled this year but quite frankly this is too much of a mouthful.

By creating this new Newman sub-brand we believe we have developed something that is more appropriate to users and more innovative than “The Careers Office”.

Why The Future Hub?

Well it’s all about the student and where they’re headed ie: The future and it’s a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate – the central part of this ever spinning  wheel that is Newman, ie  the Hub. 

So from this day forward the team upstairs  will now be referred to as The Pathways and Careers Team located at The Future Hub (or The Hub for short) – same great location, same great service – just a different name.


The Future Hub – Pathways & Careers Team members: 

Kylie Ham – Pathways & Careers Team Leader

Claire McGregor – Pathways & Careers Industry Liaison Officer

Beth Bailey – Pathways & Careers Workplacement Administration Coordinator

Geoff Jones – Pathways & Careers Team Member – University Admissions & Learning Centre Supervisor  

Brigid Loane – Pathways & Careers Administration Officer – (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Mandy Bennett – Pathways & Careers Administration Assistant (Casual)

The Pathways & Careers Team Located @ The Future Hub – Upstairs next to The Learning Centre