The Mathematics Standard Year 11 course is a common course for all students studying mathematics in Year 11. It comprises four main topics including algebra, measurement, financial maths and statistical analysis. At the end of Year 11, students can elect to study either the Standard 1 or the Standard 2 course for Year 12.

MATHEMATICS STANDARD 1:  This course focuses on the concepts that are commonly required for trades including automotive, construction, health, plumbing, hospitality, metals, business, finance and many more. A basic knowledge of mathematics is foundational to all your other studies at Newman, and we aim to help students develop both confidence and enjoyment in their mathematical studies. Students studying the Mathematics Standard 1 course may elect to undertake an optional HSC examination at the end of Year 12.

MATHEMATICS STANDARD 2:  This course is designed for those students who wish to extend their mathematical skills and offers the opportunity to develop a better understanding of mathematics through a variety of real-world applications. It covers topics such as advanced trigonometry, critical path analysis, finance and graphical relationships. The course provides an appropriate mathematical background for students entering the workforce or planning to undertake further tertiary training. All students studying the Mathematics Standard 2 course will sit for a compulsory HSC.