Like getting wet? Like being in the water? –  It’s hard to avoid this in Marine Studies.

It is important to make the distinction between this course and the Junior Marine Studies subject which is offered in Years 9 and 10. This comprehensive course has a career focus with associated recreational activities.

Marine Studies is an exciting HSC subject where lessons learned in the classroom are complemented with a ‘hands on’ and ‘feet in’ approach to learning. To study the marine environment and man’s interaction with it, students will go to the beach, visit rock platforms, surf, drive outboard powered boats, swim, fish, sail, canoe, snorkel and skin dive.

As well as developing skills in popular leisure activities, this Senior Marine Studies course will lay foundations for further training and career paths towards employment in Hospitality and Tourism, the Outdoor Recreation sector, the Seafood Industry, the Maritime Industry and the Boating Industry.

Students interested in an exciting and interesting career working with an outdoor adventure company, a dive operator, on a charter fishing boat, on a cruise ship, ferry or any commercial vessel, can commence training by enrolling in Senior Marine Studies

Course – Board Endorsed

Hours – 240hrs

Workplacement – N/A

Unit Value – 2 Unit Prelim, 2 Unit HSC

SBAT Available – Yes

Career Pathways can include:

  • Outdoor Tour Guide
  • Dive Operator
  • Charter Fishing Boat Crew
  • Aquaculture Farm Assistant
  • Marina Worker
  • Slipway Operator
  • Resort Staff
  • Cruise Ship Crew
  • Work in the Tourism Industry along with Marine Park Research and Management
  • Work for Government Departments such as:
    • Fisheries
    • Customs
    • Water Police
    • Marine Park

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