English is a compulsory two unit subject. There are two English courses which run at Newman College. These are English Standard and English Studies.

English Standard is a course which caters for students who enjoy English, who like to be challenged, who have good basic English skills and who are aiming to develop their academic writing skills for further study, including at University or similar. The majority of responses students compose in this course are essays designed to assess their ability to understand and analyse literature. As part of this course, English Standard students are required to complete two compulsory Trial Higher School Certificate examinations and two Higher School Certificate examinations.

English Studies is a course designed to develop students’ literacy skills and aims to prepare students for the world beyond school, including the workforce. Teachers are able to select from a range of modules to better cater for student interest and the majority of responses students compose, are designed to develop literacy skills appropriate to the life beyond school. English Studies students are not required to sit a Higher School Certificate examination but may elect to complete this optional examination. It is strongly advised that students consult their teachers about the implications of this decision. Refer to page 25 of the Newman College Handbook.