Newman students undertook a “Community Garden” project which engaged all Year 12 students in the conversation, planning and design of a community garden near our College bus bay. Collaboration was the key as you can see below.

Examples or our subject classes who were involved in the project are listed below:

  • Information Technology and Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM) – Drafted out the master plans of the space and marked out the garden space.
  • Construction – Designed and built the garden beds. Constructed the borders, filled and compacted the surface with crusher dust.  
  • Maths –  Calculated soil volumes and costing. 
  • Faith In Action – Lined and filled garden beds, filled them with soil, planted the vegetables and watered them. Assembled planter boxes. Worked on a project to name the space and designed a sign for it.
  • Plumbing –  Ran a water line to a hose tap for the watering of the garden. 
  • Hospitality – Researched vegetables that would be appropriate to consider in this area and in this climate and researched recipes that reflect ingredients from the Garden.
  • Learning Support – Nurtured and maintained.
  • Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation – Discussed the benefits of fresh and organic vs store bought and the effects of our diet on our mental health.
  • Support staff put forward the idea of plant names and other words put on wooden labels and hung around the garden…..using Indigenous names for them all from the Birpai language.

Thank you to those staff members who put forward innovative ideas and suggestions and a special mention to our College Chaplin Tess Tarrant-Clarke who project managed this Community Garden from preparation to plant purchasing and planting and maintaining, what a great sense of Community this space has become.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Official naming of our Community Garden coming soon!