Please read the following procedures to assist with the safe and smooth running of our event:


  • To purchase tickets please contact the front office on 6580 3800
  • Please be advised that in order to purchase graduation tickets your College account must be finalised or a payment plan is to be made with our finance team
  • There are no physical tickets for this event, students and guests will be checked in on the evening


  • Students are to start arriving in their cars from 5.00pm and follow staff directions
  • A professional photographer will capture students arriving
  • Parking will be available for guests in the Settlement City carpark
  • Students will be directed upstairs for formal graduation photos
  • Parents and guests are asked to follow the instructions of staff to enter the auditorium and be seated prior to 6.00pm
  • All students and guests are required to sign in to Panthers upon arrival
  • Allow time to sign in before being seated by 6pm. Non-member guests are required to present acceptable proof of identification, such as a driver’s license or proof of age card. We recommend bringing a hard copy of this due to online difficulties.
  • Each student will be presented on stage commencing at 6.00pm sharp


  • A professional photographer will be present with multiple photo locations
  • Photos will be available for purchase from The School Photographer
  • A code to access these photos for viewing and purchasing will be forwarded to the graduating class via email after the event


  • The ticket price includes a two-course meal and graduation cake
  • All beverages available for purchase at the bar, table water will be supplied
  • Alcoholic beverages availbale for purchase for guests 18 years and over


  • There will be live music throughout the evening followed by a DJ

We look forward to celebrating with you.

Kind regards
Mark Nunan